-Create a state of wellbeing by enhancing the production of our natural chemicals and beautiful hormones: endorphins (nature's painkillers), serotonin (mood stabilizer),dopamine(the reward/movement chemical) and oxytocine (the love hormone)thus assisting with Depression or depresive states

-Chronic pain, Inflamation, overall body stiffness and want to improve joints flexibility, reduced mobility on neck, shoulders, back and joints, Sciatica

Anxiety and Depression, digestive issues, pelvic and respiratory related issues, Jaw problems (clenching teeth) among others

Somatic work, when traumatic memories are stored in the body (as the subconsicous mind) and need to be released or understood by the person in order to heal or feeling better

-Improve our general health and Restore/maintain a natural state physical, mental and emotional harmony

-Improve circulation, fluids retention, Edema

-Headaches, migraines, tinnius, dizziness and neuralgia, Temporomandibular (JAW pain) syndrome

-Are having trouble sleeping

-Pelvic area, PMS,menstrual or menopause related problems

-Feel glum or bogged down by life

-Want to assist their detox and normalise blood pressure

-Post-operative recovery and pain

-Fatigue or pain caused by cancer

-Digestion problems, constipation, IBS

-Lung or respiratory system issues, asthma, allergies, sinusitis

-Address any emotional issues, Trauma

-Feel comforted, nurtured and relaxed

-Releases deep muscular and emotional tension and blocks

-Stimulates all the cells of the body and fosters deeper, easier breathing

-Complement other therapies and conventional medicine

-Work in conjunction with our own innate ability and instinct to self-heal

... and moreover it makes us glow.