What it is

Basically it is the movement of the body.

How it works

Conscious movement can begin to unfold a process of positive changes. The American College of Physicians as well as our own common sense, has recently said “this is the first to do to relieve pain”, so we might start sessions doing a bit of movement or exercise to change the brain program and bring the muscles and movement system comfortably back online before we progress to a different technique.

Somatic exercises involve performing movement for the sake of movement. Throughout the exercise, you focus on your inner experience as you move and expand your internal awareness in order to release pain, discomfort or blocked emotions (energy in motion)that are causing the problem. Other exercises, including some you know and use regularly, can also be considered somatic, such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance.

It works with all our body systems,fluids, nerves, tissues, fascia,ligaments and muscles.

It helps with

Due to the nature of working with the whole body, most ailments can be treated, especially those related to calm the nervous system.

Movement transforms the chemicals released by our brain such as stress hormones (cortisol) into the "Feel good or Happy" ones (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxitocin) to enhance wellbeing.